The Top 5 Reasons Why Practitioners Love the Integrative Fertility Symposium

The Integrative Fertility Symposium is a special symposium that is full of energy and excitement starting from the Thursday April 26th pre-symposium lectures and ending with the final lecture on Sunday April 29th at 2pm. 

What makes the IFS so special and a must attend event?   

I have heard from those who have attended the IFS that it is their favorite conference and they attribute this to the amazing speakers and lectures.   

But I do not think that is the only reason practitoners who have attended the Integrative Fertility Symposium call it the best.

I want to share with you why I think the energy is so exciting and inspiring at the IFS and why everyone who attends says it is a must attend event.


The Top 5 Reasons Why Practitioners Love the Integrative Fertility Symposium



#1 The People




The IFS has a selection bias that attracts leaders in the profession who are driven, self-motivated, and successful. 

Approximately 90% of IFS attendees are not from Vancouver and about 80% come from outside of Canada, so the IFS is a destination conference.

The majority of attendees have to get an updated passport, take a plane, and stay in a hotel for 3 or 4 nights. This takes commitment and a strong desire to improve one’s skills for treating reproductive health issues. 

When people invest this much time and money into a conference, they really want to be there, not just to fulfill CEU/PDA/CPD, but to fulfill their hunger to learn. The IFS brings together a special group of like-minded individuals who are truly invested in their practice. These individuals are already successful or have the right mindset that will lead them to that success.

Attend the IFS and surround yourself with successful colleagues who are motivated and willing to invest in themselves to better help their patients.  

Watch this video to see what people have said about the IFS. 


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#2 The Speakers




The list of presenters truly ‘speak’ for themselves.

If you go to the website and look at the list of 30 speakers and 33 lectures making up over 78 hours of content, you will see why the IFS attracts so many from all over the world.

Click here for the list of 30 speakers presenting at the 2018 IFS 


#3 The Location




Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is a destination city. It ranks in the top 5 cities to live in the world. 

The Symposium is located in downtown Vancouver. Walking distance to China Town and Gas Town. From the symposium windows, you can watch float planes landing and taking off in the harbor along with Alaskan cruise ships entering and exit, and gaze at the spectacular mountain view.

There is easy access to and from the airport. It is only a twenty minute ride and just $8CAD ($6USD) train ride. We have the 2010 Winter Olympics to thank for this easy and affordable transportation.

Remember hotel fees are in Canadian Funds.  Using today’s exchange rates, a hotel for $189 CAD is approximately $145 USD

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#4 The Lectures




This year’s theme is the Fertile Mind...Fertile Body.

 Topics include: Fertility, Pregnancy, and some pediatrics

If you have a practice focusing on treating infertility, then you know that many of your patients will conceive and will want you to continue to support them during their pregnancy. And it is only natural that you will be their first choice when it comes to their child’s health.

If you have been in practice for 10 years or more, then many of your once fertility and pregnancy patients are now beyond their reproductive years and are needing relief from menopausal symptoms. 

 And considering most of our patients are women, to have a successful and busy practice you need to be skilled and confident at treating gynecological conditions. Remember, to treat infertility you need to first regulate the cycle. So, if you are treating infertility you are treating gynecological conditions. 

All the lectures are recorded so if you miss one of the concurrent sessions you can always order the recordings and watch any concurrent session you missed.

Cick here to view the schedule of lectures.


#5 Passion




The IFS is the only integrative conference dedicated to reproductive health.

If you consider yourself a fertility expert or have a passion for treating reproductive health issues, then this conference is for you.

We are greatly influenced — whether we like it or not — by those we surround ourselves with. They affect our way of thinking, our self-esteem, and our decisions. Attend the IFS and surround yourself with successful colleagues who are motivated and willing to invest in themselves to better help their patients. 


See you in Vancouver BC at the 2018 Integrative Fertility Symposium!

Lorne Brown Dr. TCM, B.Sc., CPA, FABORM, CHt. Chair - Integrative Fertility Symposium



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Integrative Fertility Symposium

Healthy Seminars 6th Integrative Fertility Symposium will be held again in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The IFSymposium is geared toward Chinese medicine and naturopathic physicians who have an interest in treating reproductive health issues using an integrative approach.  IFS 2020 date, April 16 to April 19, 2020

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