The Remarkable Wen Jing Tang for Treating Infertility

Date & Time: 
Friday, 1 May 2015 14:15 to 17:00
Sharon Weizenbaum, Dipl. Ac., Dipl C.H
Lecture Type: 
Breakout Session
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Day 1
Cominco Policy Room 1415

Talk Description

The Remarkable Wen Jing Tang for Treating Infertility: Part 1 & part 2

Wen Jing Tang is a formula in the Jin Gui Yao Lue’s chapter 22 on Women’s Diseases.  It is in the sub-chapter on Flooding and Spotting: Deficiency Cold Stasis.  

 In the Part 1 of the  presentation we will look at Wen JingTang through both the lines in the original clause of the Jin Gui Yao Lue as well as through an in depth view into the architecture of the formula ingredients and structure.  

Some scholars and practitioners have characterized this formula as a Jue Yin formula because it is a blood formula.  It has also been placed in the Jue Yin category because it treats heat above and cold below.  Another classic formula scholar, Huang Huang places it in the “Gui Zhi formula family” and considers it a primary beauty and fertility formula. Formulas and Strategies places it in the “invigorate blood” chapter.  The most important reason for understanding where to place Wen Jing Tang in our own repertoire is so that we can use it adeptly in the clinical setting.  

How do the various ways this formula is thought of all help us penetrate the magic of this formula?  

In Part 2 of the presentation Sharon will give case studies from her own practice to illustrate the wide range of illnesses Wen Jing Tang can treat including but beyond women’s health.  This material will be supplemented by other case studies from a range of renowned physicians, translated specifically for this course by Sharon.  


Sharon Weizenbaum, Dipl. Ac., Dipl C.H

Sharon Weizenbaum graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 1983 and has been practicing Chinese medicine for over 30 years. Her first gynecology teacher was Dr. Zhu Shu-rong from Shang Hai. In 1990 she traveled to Hang Zhou where she studied herbal gynecology with Dr. Qiu Xiao-mei as well as Chinese language. She continued her language study at Mt. Holyoke College and translates much of her own teaching materials. In 2007 she traveled back to China to study classic formulas with Dr. Huang Huang, who continues to be one of her teachers. She studied and apprenticed with Kiiko Matsumoto for 12 years and developed Integrative Mandala Acupuncture as a synthesis of her study with both Chinese and Japanese acupuncture teachers. Sharon is the director of White Pine Healing Arts clinic and educational facility. She teaches the Graduate Mentorship Program and Integrative Mandala Acupuncture nationally as well as shorter courses. Her articles have been published in The Lantern and in the North Amercan Journal of Oriental Medicine. She is known for her engaging, clinically relevant and clear teaching style.

Integrative Fertility Symposium

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