Essentials of Chinese Medicine Pediatrics: A Triple Burner approach to managing developmental delays Part 2

Efrem Korngold L.Ac, OMD, Stephen Cowan MD
Lecture Type: 
Breakout Session
Lecture Day: 
Day 2
Fletcher Challenge Theatre

Anyone working with children will encounter conditions of developmental delay. We will explore the theoretical and clinical relevance of the Triple burner in the diagnosis and treatment of the five common developmental delays: standing, walking, talking, head growth, tooth growth.   As the “Developmental Fu,” the primary function of the triple burner is to coordinate and integrate all the functions of the zang-fu in the growing child.  There is a strong correspondence between the functions of the Triple burner and those of the Vagus nerve network in governing the neuro-gastro-endocrine-immune adaptive response to the stress of life.  We will use cases to illustrate these principles.

  1. Recognize and assess the Five Delays (wu chi). 
  2. Identify the patterns of Triple Burner dysfunction.  
  3. Understand the use of Triple Burner derived acupuncture and herbal medicine protocols for managing the most common developmental delays.
  4. Understand the correspondence between the Triple Burner and the Vagus Nerve Network and their governance of immune competence, resilience and adaptation to stress.
Stephen Cowan MD

Stephen Cowan MD is a board-certified pediatrician with over 25 years of clinical experience working with children. He has a subspecialty in Developmental Pediatrics and is a fellow in the American Academy of Pediatrics serving as a member of the section on Developmental Disabilities.  He is a clinical instructor at NY Medical College and a member of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. He is the author of Fire Child Water Child, how understanding the five types of ADHD can help you improve your child's self-esteem and attention.  Dr. Cowan has developed a unique holistic approach to evaluating and treating children struggling with chronic physical, emotional and cognitive disorders that integrates the principles of Chinese medicine and homeopathy. 

Considering the child as a reflection of the inter-related forces of family and environment is the central focus of his practice. This approach respects the inseparability of mind, body and spirit and promotes a deeper understanding of what it means to be healthy.

Stephen offers online courses through Pro D Seminars that he Co-presents with Efrem Korngold.


Efrem Korngold L.Ac, OMD

Efrem Korngold, LAC, OMD. has pioneered the practice of Chinese medicine in America for nearly 40 years as an educator, writer, and practitioner. He co-authored the best-selling Between Heaven and Earth, as well as the Chinese Medicine Works Clinical Handbook, and many articles.

He began his studies at the College of Traditional Acupuncture in England and studied herbal medicine at Kunming Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute and Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shu Guang Hospital. Currently on the faculty of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he teaches widely in the U.S. and Europe. Korngold has lectured at University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, Andrew Weil's Program in Integrative Medicine, and Beth Israel Hospital in New York and is a member of the advisory board of Natural Health magazine. He was a founding member of several professional organizations including the Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAOM), the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance (AOMA) and the California Society of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CSOMA).

Korngold is engaged in the active practice of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at the San Francisco clinic, Chinese Medicine Works

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