The Absolute Power of Absolute Surrender: Why Intending a Child Doesn’t Work Part II

Randine Lewis PhD, L.Ac, FABORM
Lecture Type: 
Breakout Session
Lecture Day: 
Day 3
Segal Conference Room


Evolution requires the transcendence of opposites and surrender into the unknown realms of uncaused emergence. The hope of a child can become a way to self-medicate, and accumulate “more me” in service of the ego and avoidance of the fear of not having. Very relevant to today’s changing dynamic on earth, this talk will examine transcendent states of consciousness and their effect on the body-mind. We will highlight the Earth Yi spirit and its relationship to the modern concept of the power of intention, examining alpha brainwave patterns, their similarity to the geomagnetic field of earth, their effects on the body/mind/life, and how to move beyond cause and effect. Delving into the similarities of sex and death, and the heart as a gateway, we will discuss the science of letting go and how complete surrender to our animal nature and mortality open up heaven’s gates far more often than our attempts to control life.


Course Objectives:

The practitioner will learn:

- We will discuss ancient Taoist practices of merging with the origin and its relevance to the practice of acupuncture, making correlations with modern scientific studies.

- We will discuss the frustrations of fertility practice, the physiologic effects of “trying" and why we sometimes can’t seem to help certain people move beyond their present states of dis-ease.

- How to reach this readily accessible power and help a client achieve this state through specific acupuncture techniques

Randine Lewis PhD, L.Ac, FABORM

Dr. Randine Lewis, author of The Infertility Cure, has become the leading expert in treating infertility conditions naturally. Her powerful Eastern program combined with her vast knowledge of Western reproductive medicine has helped many thousands of woman throughout the world, get back their fertility, their hope, and their lives. Dr. Lewis began her studies in Western medicine, and after suffering through her own fertility challenges, overcame them with Chinese medicine. After finishing her medical studies in China, she earned a doctorate in Alternative Medicine, the basis of the program she now offers for the public through The Fertile Soul and for practitioners through Clinical Excellence Fertility Professionals (CEFP)

Integrative Fertility Symposium

Healthy Seminars 6th Integrative Fertility Symposium will be held again in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The IFSymposium is geared toward Chinese medicine and naturopathic physicians who have an interest in treating reproductive health issues using an integrative approach.  IFS 2020 date, April 16 to April 19, 2020

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Symposium Location

Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre
515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC