2020 Pre-Symposium + Symposium - Clinical Genomics for Women's Health: Insights into the Use of Genetic Testing in Practice - Robyn Murphy ND and Aaron Goldman, PhD

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

Robyn Murphy ND and Aaron Goldman, PhD
Credits:  6.00

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2020 Pre-Symposium + Symposium - Clinical Genomics for Women's Health: Insights into the Use of Genetic Testing in Practice - Robyn Murphy ND and Aaron Goldman, PhD


TitleClinical Genomics Series for Women's Health: Insights into the use of lifestyle genetic testing in practice


 Drs. Robyn Murphy, ND and Aaron Goldman, PhD as they team up to deliver an exciting dive into the clinical application of lifestyle genetic testing. They provide a comprehensive education that comprises of everything from the basics of genetics to the practical clinical application, including labs, its predictive value and influence on treatment strategies. Learn how to apply genetic testing related to personalized nutrition, hormone balance and detoxification through the lens of women’s health. Discuss real cases, protocols, receive resources and strategies to effectively introduce genetic testing into your practice to improve patient outcomes and stay current with the evolution of medicine.


Part 1 – Introduction into Genetics (Aaron/Robyn)

-       Genetics overview

-       Application of genetics in clinical practice -

-       Epigenetics and environment – genes interactions


Part 2 – Nutrigenomics

-       Understand how genetics impacts nutrient absorption, transport, metabolism and utilization.

-       Genetic variants, vitamin A and estrogen

-       Methylation and fertility

-       Using nutrigenomics for personalized nutrition/dosing


Part 3 – Hormone dysfunction

-       Review steroidogenesis and genetics variants that influence hormone balance

-       Impact on female related hormone dysfunction: PCOS, infertility, endometriosis

-       Case presentation


Part 4 – Environmental toxins, Genetic impact on Detoxification and insights into chronic disease

-       Effect of genetic variants on phase I and phase II biotransformation

-       Endocrine disruptors, gene expression and their impact on disease

-       Case presentation


Part 5 – Practical Approach to Genetic testing

-       How to apply genetic testing to a case

-       Direct to consumer testing – how to choose a reliable company

-       Step by step plan of applying genetic testing into clinical practice – where to start, follow up labs, program development

-       Case presentation


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Symposium Location

Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre
515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC