2020 Pre-Symposium + Symposium - Clinical Algorithms for Naturopathic Fertility: More than Just the Cliff Notes - Jaclyn Chasse ND

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

Jaclyn Chasse ND
Credits:  6.00

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2020 Pre-Symposium + Symposium - Clinical Algorithms for Naturopathic Fertility: More than Just the Cliff Notes Jaclyn Chasse ND



Join Dr jaclyn Chasee ND in this one-day, interactive course geared to prepare you for confidence & competence in a naturopathic approach to infertility, whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to the fertility specialty.  This presentation follows the path(s) you will take your patient down- starting with the first visit & initial lab workup, moving into more complex conventional and functional testing options, through the most common diagnoses you’ll see, and into treatment plans you can put into practice on Monday.  Less time in this presentation will be sharing “about” the condition- our sole focus is what is ACTIONABLE on Monday morning.  Walk away with lab interpretation guides, template treatment plans, clinical decision-making algorithms, actual case experience and more.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees of this course/presentation will:

  • Understand how to perform a comprehensive initial naturopathic evaluation of
  • fertility for a couple
  • Feel confident ordering and interpreting conventional and functional lab
  • tests for fertility patients
  • Easily work through a clinical algorithm to reach both the
  • conventional/western diagnosis of infertility and to identify the
  • functional/naturopathic root cause
  • Build a cache of template treatment plans for easy application with patients


Intro to Infertility:  A bit about how to approach couples with infertility,
what to do when they come in with piles of labs, and where to start (55 min)

Presentation: (30 min)

The first visit (Patient history, physical exam)

Initial lab workup, and evaluation of labs & cycles from their medical
history Lab interpretation of standard first-round lab testing to determine next
steps Cases, Lab Interpretation Practice & Q&A (25 min)

Egg Quality (50 min)

Presentation: (25 min)
What drives egg quality & why does quality decline?
“Normal” aging v Premature Ovarian Insufficiency
Additional lab workup:  conventional lab testing, environmental toxin testing
options, evaluating oxidative stress, additional hormone testing
Key treatment plan components (focused on dosing, research substantiation
provided separately & not discussed in detail)Cases, Lab Interpretation Practice & Q&A (25 min)

Anovulation & Menstrual Disorders (60 min)

Presentation: (40 min)
Most common menstrual disorders Additional workup:  Symptothermic monitoring, DUTCH testing (aka hormone
metabolism eval), additional conventional lab tests, adrenal evaluation
Key treatment plan components & materia medica of herbs
Cases, Lab Interpretation Practice & Q&A (20 min)

Poor Sperm Quality (40 min)

Presentation: (20 min)
Drivers of poor sperm quality
Additional workup:  Additional hormone testing, oxidative stress evaluation,
environmental toxin testing, advanced sperm evaluation (ie DNA
Fragmentation/SCSA & others)
Key treatment plan componentsCases, Lab Interpretation Practice & Q&A (20 min)

Unexplained Infertility (60 min)

Presentation: (40 min)
Where to begin- asking deeper questions to uncover Root Cause
Additional Workup:  Conventional & Functional lab testing to re-categorize
infertility from “unexplained” to “explained” & treat accordingly
(including cell quality, autoimmunity testing, etc)
Cases, Lab Interpretation Practice & Q&A (20 min)

Miscarraige & Pregnancy Loss (40 min)

Presentation: (20 min)
Understanding Miscarraige & separating “normal” from “problematic”
Additional workup:  Hormonal testing, autoimmunity testing, assessing
clotting disorders, & genetic testing (parents & products of conception
Key treatment plan components (herbs, progesterone,
Cases, Lab Interpretation Practice & Q&A (20 min)

Transitioning to Pregnancy (30 mins)

Presentation:  How to transition patients from preconception/infertility care
into the first trimester of pregnancy (20 mins)
Stopping fertility treatments- which ones? how fast?
Treatment plan for early pregnancy
Handling common concerns with early pregnancy- spotting, cramping, nausea,
health of the pregnancy
Cases, Lab Interpretation Practice & Q&A (10 min)

Putting it all together:  Final Cases (25 mins):

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